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I stumbled upon Yonder sometime towards the end of the year in 2014. I don’t remember exactly where I saw it mentioned, probably on Facebook, as that seems to be the place where we get most of our news these days, but I was immediately like, “Wow, this is so cool! An app for outdoors enthusiasts like me!”. So I jumped on my iPhone and downloaded it from the App Store right away.

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Yonder is social networking for adventure seekers and outdoors enthusiasts where you can discover adventures and be inspired or share your own and inspire others. Photos of your adventures can be posted along with a description and GPS location so that others can be inspired to go and see these places for themselves. You can browse the latest trending posts or see what experiences the users that you follow have been sharing. You can also use the “Destinations” feature to search a geographic location to see what has been posted in that area. I have found so many amazing new places right in my backyard that I never even new existed by using this awesome feature! On each post you have the option to like it, add a comment, follow the user, or add it to your own customizable lists. If you think your bucket list was long, just wait until you start getting inspired by the adventures you’ll see on Yonder!

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One of the other really cool things that Yonder does is have photo contests. They’ll post a theme and you can tag your posts with a specific hashtag to enter the contest. There have been some great outdoor gear giveaways, including an awesome pair of sunglasses from Zeal Optics that I was lucky enough to win. There recently was a contest for a pretty amazing Arizona Jeep Adventure tour by Sonoran Trails and the latest contest is for an adventure trip to Mexico that is sponsored by Sourced Adventures.

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Yonder is very easy to use, but like anything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. At first, I just browsed the app and liked some of the posts that I saw. A few weeks later, on New Year’s day, I posted my first pic. I had hiked to High Point State Park that day and thought it would be as good a time as any to share my adventure on Yonder. I started to post a few more pics here and there and within a short period of time I was actually looking to get out on more adventures so that I could share them with the Yonder community. By April, I was using the app pretty much daily. Looking for new adventures and being inspired by others. And I wanted to be able to do the same. I wanted to be able to share my love for adventure and passion for the outdoors with them as well. So I decided to put myself out there more and started interacting with all of the other people on the app. Pretty soon I was looking to get out and adventure more so that I would have more adventures to share with them.

Emerald Cave

Emerald Cave in Black Canyon – Found this amazing place through the Yonder App!

Over the summer, I took my first two trips out West, to places that I had been inspired to go to by the posts that I had seen on Yonder. I had some of the most amazing experiences of my life out there while “yondering”. And I call it yondering because I was inspired to go there and see these awe inspiring places for myself and to then share these experiences with others via Yonder. So that I could pay it forward and hopefully inspire others to go and do the same.

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend – Found this amazing place through the Yonder App!

For me, the best part of the Yonder App is the amazing community of people that it brings together. Yonder has been a way for me to connect with other like-minded, outdoors-oriented people. I have met some amazing people and made some great friendships through Yonder and some of the Facebook groups that have been created by other Yonderers. And not all of these friendships are just online. We have done Yonder meet ups, hikes, & camping trips together. The Yonder Buds are always planning new group adventures including upcoming trips to Havasupai, Banff, Yellowstone, Zion, and more.

Kanarra Falls

Kanarra Falls – Found this amazing place through the Yonder App!

Now, roughly a year later, I have over 5k followers and follow many more. I enjoy seeing what adventures they have been up to and interacting with them and getting to know them. Every day I am inspired by them to get out there and live my life to the fullest. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Yonder and the wonderful community of people who make it what it is. They have given me the courage and drive to put myself out there more and I wouldn’t have been able to start this blog without it. For that, I will always be grateful. Be sure to look up my adventures on the Yonder App. I’m @GeckoWrangler. Until next time, Yonder on! Namastè!

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  1. I mirror all of your sentiments about Yonder and had a similar beginning experience as you. I am so grateful that I have met awesome people like you through Yonder! One of my favorite things about it is the lists function because I can collect photos of other people’s adventures to help plan my own!

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